VMware Horizon Workspace – Part 2 – Configure Nginx as Frontend with Microsoft CA

So yesterday, VMware released Horizon Workspace 1.5. HUGE improvement over the GA release… Holey smokes. Any further tutorials will reference this version.

Anyways, more to the point. In this post I will demonstrate how to do a base configuration of Horizon Workspace using an internal Microsoft Certificate Authority with Nginx as a frontend. This setup is only acceptable for setting up workspace in a lab environment, since in a production environment you’ll need a trusted third party cert. Doing this in a lab environment is important because it will allow you to set up and test every feature you’ll be using in a production environment.


  • Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services
  • Linux Machine running Nginx
  • Horizon Workspace 1.5 Downloaded and installed with no configuration.
    • We’ll be using the workspace FQDN of hzn.test.in (This obviously assumes the domain of test.in)

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