Disable Multiple Services using Powershell

Over the past few months I’ve been doing a lot of work that’s required me to get into the Services control panel on Windows Server.  While it’s fairly easy to get in and change the status of one service using the windows services control panel (WIN+R, Services.msc), it gets annoying when you need to do this multiple times, and even worse if you need to take action on multiple services.

Fortunately, powershell gives us the ability to do this very easily.

Here’s how:

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Use PowerShell to Update Specific AD User’s Description Field with Last Login Time

I encountered a challenge today that was fun to fix.  There’s an Organizational Unit in my AD setup that has historically been used to store disabled AD objects instead of deleting them.

When an employee leaves the organization, our standard procedure  is as followed:

  1. Disable User Object
  2. Move to separate OU (IE AD://internal.msd/disabled/users)
  3. Update Description field with something like: Disabled by [username] on [date]
  4. Retain user object for x amount of days, then tombstone it.

Best laid plans of mice and men… yada yada…

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vCenter 5.1 – Unable to Log in to vSphere Web Client

In a new installation of vCenter 5.1, when trying to access the vSphere Web Client for the first time, you will encounter the following message:

In order for this direct link to work, you must first log in to the
vSphere Web Client at least once from https://{webclient

You can resolve this error and fix the issue using the following steps:
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