Howto: Convert NRG Files to ISO Files

I recently got a couple fo CD images from a friend in the NRG format, and wanted to burn them to a couple of CD-R’s. Here’s the process I used to do this:

sudo apt-get install nrg2iso
nrg2iso original_image.nrg new_image.iso

Then just use k3b, gnomebaker, or your favorite CD Burning software to burn the ISO.


HowTo: Use Find on Linux to Execute Commands Recursively

I just used the best music player on the planet to organize my music really nicely. It organized them by filetype, first letter of artist, artist, and album. The problem was, it left some dangling folders that I wanted to delete so my library looked clean on the filesystem. So I decided to use a little bit of linux command line fun to get the folders removed.

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