Running… or lack thereof

So over the entire summer I ran 4 times per week easily.  Sometimes it was more, and sometimes it was less.  I stayed on my running schedule for the first few weeks of school, but after that it got harder and harder to keep it up until i wasn’t running at all.  That’s been the case for the last month or so…. until yesterday that is.

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HowTo Restore Grub Boot Password In Ubuntu Dapper

A cardinal rule with computer security is that if you have physical access to a computer, you can pretty much do whatever your heart desires to it. Luckily, this includes removing the grub password from a linux box so that you can restore the root password…

Your best course of action in doing this is to download a bootable linux cd. The one that I tested this with is a worthwhile download even if you’re just reading this for fun.

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